Version 2.2.0 Work In Progress Update 2

I’ve made some more progress with version 2.2.0. As you can see in the screenshots you can now see what the “Manage Users” screen looks like and how as a keyholder you can modify locks for other users. I’ve added limits to how many cards you can add and remove as well as the number of hours and days you can add. For a fixed lock that’s measured in days you will be able to add or remove up to 7 days per day. For fixed locks that’s measured in hours you will be able to add or remove up to 7 hours per hour. Likewise with the cards for variable locks, you can add or remove up to 7 red cards and add or remove up to 3 yellow cards. These numbers can be changed in the future if needed.

All that I have to do now is paginate the list of users when you’ve got lots of users under the one lock, update the users lock data when a change has been made, and then notify the user that their lock has been modified. They will probably see an alert when they next go in the app instead of receiving a push notification.

I’m hoping to have a beta version out for public testing by the end of next week (22nd of October).

Sign up here if you’d like to test the beta version when released:
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