Version 2.2.0 Work In Progress

In order to make it easier for someone to control other peoples locks I’m giving each user of ChastiKey a username. This is different from the user id that’s used to restore locks data. This username is generated at first and looks like this: CKU349. You will be able to change it from within the app and can be any length between 3 and 15 characters. Usernames like the user id’s are unique.

If you use ChastiKey and have no intention of sharing locks or loading shared locks then you can easily ignore the username and leave it to it’s default.

If you’ve loaded a lock that someone has shared you will see their username on the lock on the first screen. In the screenshots below you will see the top lock shows that it’s locked by a fictional user PrincessC. If it’s your own lock that you’ve set up and not one you’ve loaded then the lock won’t look any different from the last version.

On the lock screen I’ve added a button at the top right which will take you to your profile page. For the moment the profile page only has one field, your username, and this is where you can change it. I don’t know what else will go on this page at the moment and it may be the only thing on the page when it’s released but I’m hoping from that this will change overtime from your feedback and suggestions.

Let me know your thoughts! Are you for or against the update? What would you like to see on the profile page?

Sign up here if you’d like to test the beta version when released:

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