Version 2.3.0 Released

Version 2.3.0 has now been released and available on the Play Store.

This was quite a large update, and one of the biggest to date. Lots of improvements for keyholders and a couple of new features and options for those that liked to be locked. One of the new things introduced in this version was 4 bots that will hold your key for you. There’s two different types of bots, kind ones and mean ones. They add and remove time to your lock. Kind ones will tend to let you out early or around the time you want to be unlocked and the meaner ones will often ignore your initial settings and will keep you locked for longer. They can and do still let you out early or on time.

They were introduced for people that don’t have a real keyholder and wanted a little bit of that unknown and shock that you might get from a real one when they modify your lock. All of their decisions are based on percentage rolls and time. They aren’t what you would class as A.I. bots. But that may change in the future now that the basics of them are working.

The keyholder options have also been improved. They can now add and remove specific yellow cards and can hide or reveal the timer on fixed locks. The restrictions they have in place have been reduced, and if the user that is locked by the keyholder say that they trust the keyholder when initially loading the lock all restrictions for the keyholder will be removed. The trust option was added because there are a number of couples that use the app together so they should trust each other and the keyholder in the relationship should have all limitations removed if that’s what they both want. I wouldn’t recommend saying you trust the keyholder if you don’t know them or don’t have any past experience with them controlling your key through ChastiKey.

Another new feature is the reset lock/deck card. This card if revealed will start the lock again with all of the cards it initially started with minus the reset card just revealed. It won’t reset/change the combination number. You can start a lock with up to 5 reset cards but once it’s running you can add as many as you want. There are restrictions put in place for keyholders. If you don’t say you trust them they won’t be able to add any reset cards but they can create locks with reset cards. Be careful with how many of these cards you add to your lock because they could turn a 10 day lock into a 50 day lock if you’ve got 5 of them in the deck and you’re really really unlucky.

For a complete list of changes check out the Version History page.

Let me know what you think of the new options and features, and what you like or dislike about the bots. Most of their code lives on the server so they are easy enough to tweak without having to release a new version of ChastiKey each time.


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