Version 2.2.5 Released

Version 2.2.5 has now been released and available on the Play Store.

It’s a very small update this time and may be the last update before Christmas. This version has a minor change to the message shown when your keyholder modifies your lock. For fixed locks with a hidden timer you will no longer see if they’ve added or removed time or how much time it was changed by. You will just be notified to say that they’ve changed your lock.

I also fixed a bug where notifications were still showing after you chose to disable them from the settings page within the app.

I will still be working on ChastiKey getting in some new features and making some changes to it over the Christmas period but it’s unlikely a new version will be released until the new year.

Check out the roadmap page to see what’s coming to ChastiKey, and if there’s something not listed on that page that you would like to see in ChastiKey then let me know via the feedback option in the app or via the forums.

Don’t forget there’s a chance to win some free keys in the naming of bots competition that will close at the end of the year


Download today and let ChastiKey be your keyholder:

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