Version 2.2.4 Released

Version 2.2.4 has now been released and available on the Play Store.

In this version you can now express your mood/feelings with each shared lock using emojis. Both the keyholder and chaste user can choose from a small selections of emojis which the other can see when they next look at the lock. It’s the first step into introducing some basic feedback/interaction between each user in ChastiKey. There are a number of reasons why I’ve not yet introduced private messaging in ChastiKey which I’ve discussed on the forums.

A couple of users have in the past mentioned that the keys are too cheap and therefore too easy to purchase and unlock early so they asked for dearer keys. I’ve always wanted them to be affordable should you need to purchase one in an emergency so didn’t really want to increase them, not by much. After some discussion and ideas thrown about on the forum an option has been added to allow you to pretty much set a price that’s affordable to you and high enough so that you’re unlikely to purchase a key and unlock early. You can now set the number of keys you would need to unlock a lock early, from 1 key to 50 keys. As a single key costs about $5, setting the lock to require 50 keys to unlock would cost approximately $250 (it would cost less if purchased in bulk). This should now make it harder to unlock early if the current $5 cost is too cheap.

The full list of changes can be found on the version history page.

Thanks to everyone that’s thrown ideas at me so far and helped find problems with ChastiKey. Please keep your ideas, suggestions and feedback coming.

Want to win some free keys or a free promo code to remove ads? Head over to the forums and enter the bot naming competition. There are 4 bots that I’d like to introduce early next year but need some names for each

Enjoy the new version!


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