Version 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 has now been released and available on the Play Store.

Quite a lot of changes have been made since 2.1.2. Here’s a few of them:

  • You can now modify locks for users that have loaded your shared locks, by increasing/decreasing their duration and by adding/removing cards. You can only modify locks for users that have version 2.2.0 installed.

  • Improved the loading and scanning of QR codes. They were failing quite a lot in 2.1.2 and the beta versions. Took a while to find out why. If you’ve shared QR codes from an earlier version and made those public you may want to replace them with a new version of the QR code. You don’t need to create a new lock, just go to your list of shared locks and press on the share button/icon for the relevant locks.

  • There’s now a basic profile page which will be built upon overtime from your feedback and suggestions. No one can see your profile page (yet) but they can see your username. The only people that see your username are the people that you’ve shared locks with or when you’ve loaded a shared lock (the owner of that lock will see your username). Eventually I want to give an option to click on usernames to open a profile page with more information about the user. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, you are given a default username which looks like this: CKU349. You can change this from the profile page or leave it as the default. If you use ChastiKey for solo play and have no intention to load shared locks or share locks then you can ignore the username part completely as you’re unlikely to find it relevant.

  • The help page has moved to this site. You can access the help pages from within the app (via the menu) or from the menu above. I moved them from the app because they are a lot easier to manage on this site.

  • Added a link to the ChastiKey forums from within the app for you to report bugs, suggestions, share/exchange locks with other users, and to look for, or offer keyholding services using ChastiKey.

  • You can delete active locks. Be careful with this one because once deleted the combination is gone with it and not retrievable (you will get a warning message before deleting). Deleting active locks was a request from a user. I understand the need for it because when you first start out using the app you’re likely to create multiple locks to get a feel for the settings etc. so a lot of the locks created aren’t actually being used and just filling up your list until they expire.

  • Quite a lot of bug fixes were made too.

Hope you enjoy the new version 🙂

What would you like to see in the next one?


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