I listen to all of your feedback and suggestions, some of which have made it into previous versions of ChastiKey so please continue to send them through via the feedback button in the app, the ChastiKey Forums, or email me at:


Here’s a list of things that will be looked at and considered for a future version (in no particular order):

  • Allow keyholders to test different variable lock setups i.e. see how an hourly lock runs with 2 greens, 10 reds, 4 yellows and a double up card etc. before creating the lock to share. The time delays between picking each card would have to be removed so that they don’t have to wait an hour to pick again, instead they will see a calculated time showing how long it’s been running so far based on the cards picked if it was a real session. They can replay the lock as many times as they want and go back and forth changing settings until they’re happy to create it.
  • Add the option for alphanumeric combinations.
  • Add the option to set combination padlocks without showing the numbers (to help reduce the chance of remembering short 4 digit combinations)
  • Add tasks and punishments. I’ve had a few requests for this but the simplest one mentioned so far from a user on the forums is to have a different red card that has a punishment symbol/icon on it, and when revealed it’s up to the user to choose and see through a punishment. At a later date I can look at picking punishments and tasks randomly from a user generated list. This will be an option that can be turned on or off.
  • Rebuild it again in a new programming language.
  • iOS version.
  • Amazon store version.
  • The option to have the lock run until a specific date and time.
  • The option to display a fake/tease time for the remaining duration of the lock.
  • Reward system for inviting new users.
  • A history of cards picked for the keyholder to view/monitor.
  • Mini game(s) on the screen showing random combinations to help you forget the original combination.
  • The option to add a requirement to check into the app regularly. Users would be punished if they don’t check in on time. The punishments would probably be adding cards and time to their lock. For solo locks this could be automated but for locks with a keyholder that punishment could be left to the keyholder to apply if they wish.
  • Saving personal/solo lock configurations to use again at a later date. With possibly the option to share for others to use on their own (without a keyholder)

Here’s a list of things that I’m interested in looking at which may or may not see the light of day:

  • Stats. Some basic stats from all of your lock sessions, including maybe your best records.
  • Achievements. Not using Google Play achievements for obvious reasons, but private ones within the app.
  • Custom API.