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 +====== Restoring Locks ======
 +When you first install and open ChastiKey you are assigned a random user id 20 characters in length. You can see your user id at the top of the “Lock Options” screen when creating a new lock and on the “Restore Locks” screen that can be accessed via the menu.
 +That unique user id is added to all locks that you create, and each lock you create is backed up online.
 +This user id enables you restore the locks to from one device to another should you have a problem with your original device or you need to delete and re-install ChastiKey.
 +It is recommended that you write down the user id or take a screenshot of it and keep it safe, incase you need to restore your locks. If you take a screenshot it is a good idea to save it in an online storage service like Dropbox or OneDrive, and/or save it on a personal computer/​laptop. Without this user id you will not be able to restore your locks and there is no absolutely no way of recovering the user id. I can’t help recover it because each user id is anonymous.
 +It is also recommended that you keep the user id to yourself and not let others know it. I may however ask for your user id if you’re experiencing a problem with one of your locks and have contacted me for help.
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