Variable & Fixed Locks

ChastiKey lets you have two types of locks. Variable and fixed. Variable locks act a little like a real keyholder where you don't know the exact time you will be released. Fixed locks are a fixed and set duration that doesn't change.

Various Options

Each ChastiKey lock that you set up comes with a number of options. You can set up locks that last a few hours (perfect for self bondage or for testing the waters) To locks that last up to 100+ days. You can also randomise the duration. Other options include hiding the timer, and adding chances to increase or decrease the duration.

Shareable Locks

Locks can be created and shared for other users to use. You can see how many users are locked with the locks you've shared. More features and control to come in future updates.

Back Up Data

All of your lock data is backed up online with a randomly generated, and anonymous user id. This allows you to restore your locks to another device should you lose access to the original device you installed ChastiKey on. You do not need to register an account with an email address and password to use ChastiKey.



Download now and let ChastiKey be your keyholder!

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